13 July 2016

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Computer cleaning (Internal/External)
Dust from the floor can obstruct filter perforations and result in computer overheating.
Annual internal cleaning is highly recommended.

Why clean your computer?

Nearly 1500 litres of water and 600 litres of petroleum products are needed to make a computer. Manufacturers like Dell and Hewlett-Packard believe that regular cleaning of your computer can considerably extend its life by eliminating dust and other particles which can accumulate and damage it.

Dust accumulation in computer equipment results in overheating and, eventually, inefficiency. The fans must work harder to make the air circulate and the convection cooling is less effective. In addition, overheating increases the failure rate of your equipment. Cleaning increases the life span of computer equipment.

Workstation shut-down. All peripherals are disconnected with care.

Computer covers are carefully opened. Fans and other peripherals are disconnected and immobilised.

A multi-speed compressor and air dryer is used to expel all of the dust and other particles.
Vacuuming is done with a multi-speed ESD vacuum. All components are meticulously cleaned with ESD brushes.

Covers are closed. The computer is degreased, cleaned and sterilised.
All traces of glue, ink, etc. are removed.
All external peripherals are reconnected.
The computer is restarted and tested.

Here is an illustration of the quantity of dust and particles that are in a computer which isn't cleaned on a regular basis.
Imagine the risk of overheating and failure.