13 July 2016

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Ecological Keyboard and Mouse cleaning
You would be surprised to find out how much debris can accumulate inside a keyboard and be even more frightened by the bacteria population.
Our method uses nanotechnology to guarantee 100% ecological cleaning and mechanical disinfection which is more effective than any solvent-based product.

Our keyboards are full of bacteria !

Dust and particles accumulate inside keyboards all year long and thousands of bacteria live under the keys!
We are the 10-fingered transmitters of these avatars which are very dangerous to our health. . .
Do we ever think of in-depth cleaning? . .

Keeping it clean !

Your computer keyboard deserves special cleaning attention.
Lifting off, vacuuming and disinfecting makes it like new.

IPC takes care of your keyboard in a 100% ecological way !

We make sure that you aren't exposed to any organic solvents, detergents, fragrances or synthetic, allergenic perfumes.


Removal of all particles and dust from the keyboard with an air jet using a compressor and an air dryer.


Elimination of particles and dust from the keyboard using a silent ESD vacuum with HEPA filters.


Keyboard and mouse cleaning and disinfection using nanotechnology based microfibre.
The process guarantees 100% ecological cleaning which is much more effective than most solvent products.


Removal and elimination of all particles set and stuck in the mouse grooves.
Disinfection and degreasing with nanotechnology microfibre.


Here is an illustration of the quantity of dust and particles that are in a keyboard cleaned once a year.
Imagine how much bacteria can hide in there!